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    I must have picked a bad time to pop in's like a ghost town! Everyone is prolly well into their summer schtick.

    Anyhow, just dropping off well wishes to all and hoping everyone is doing just dandy. When the fall rolls in it'll be laid back time and a good time to lay down some new tracks.
    No new toys of the musical kind though I did pick up some amazing photography equipment from an estate sale - Nikon D700 + a bunch of AF-D lenses to go with it. There are a few more balloon and airplane shows to see before the summer is over.

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    Hey Pete, good to hear you're doing well. I don't stop by much anymore, clicking past all the adverts here is just tiresome.

    I have a bunch of outdoor shows lined up through this coming fall, nice to play again after these last few years of cancelled gigs!!
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    I mean, no offense, but I don't really see why, like guitar players from Creed, or something like that, are on the cover of guitar magazines. Almost anybody can sit down and learn to play those songs.
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    Hey, nice to hear from you both! I had a D700. It's an excellent camera.

    My band Warp Kings had a show in Vancouver in June. It was so much fun!
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