I always kind of wondered how much my guitars weigh. None of them are particularly heavy, except my bass which is a boat anchor. So after seeing Trogly use one, I got an Accuteck scale. I assumed they would go in this order: Jackson < Reverend < Fender < LTD (bass). I was close. Here's the breakdown:

Jackson DK2M 8lb 0.8oz
Reverend Warhawk 390 7lb 4.4oz
Fender Deluxe Nashville Telecaster 8lb 8.2oz
LTD Surveyor Bass 10lb 11.2oz

I was surprised that the Reverend was over a half pound lighter. Other than that they fall into line.

Since my bass is almost 12lbs, I see what people mean when they talk about Les Pauls that are that heavy or even heavier. How do you play something like that on stage for a full concert without needing support rods around your spine?