I have had this now for a few weeks and am most impressed by the feature set. I paid $125 for this and that price included free shipping. Took 2 days for the product to arrive from ordering. There are so many preset tunings stock on the device but it even goes the extra step to allow your own custom tunings to be added to it. It's not as rugged as a Strobo-Stomp but then again it's NOT a stop pedal. It can easily be placed in a pedal board and is extremely accurate. It is a true strobe tuner. You can check out for online demos and in-depth explanations of all the features. I will say that in the $50-$125 dollar range, there is no better or more accurate tuner you can purchase. I even tuned with other devices such as my Planet Waves PW-CT-04 chromatic pedal tuner and my Korg DT-3 then compared afterwards to the Turbo Tuner. In both cases the Turbo Tuner perceived the instrument as being off and after retuning using the TT, the guitar was completely in tune and even sounded better than when previously tuned with the other devices.