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Thread: Guitar Serial # Decoder...

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    Default Guitar Serial # Decoder...

    Just found this site which can give you some production info on you guitar.

    My Epi Les Paul came back with this info...

    Your guitar was made at the
    Fuji-gen Plant, Japan
    Production Number: 01606

    I thought this was pretty cool! Listed below are the brands you can search on.

    *Pot Code Reader*

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    cool it bookmarked :

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    It says it supports Fender but I entered 2 serial numbers and neither is recognized. They still have some work to do on this project.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spudman
    It says it supports Fender but I entered 2 serial numbers and neither is recognized. They still have some work to do on this project.
    I don't have the link handy but I know of at least one page that specializes in Fender numbers, although as might expect it focuses on vintage guitars.

    For anyone looking to date a Peavey, there is a forum at and Peavey has one employee there that will get you a date for any Peavey serial number, sfaik. Defintiely for USA Peaveys at least. Usually answers by the next day.

    For anyone with any of the USA Peavey T-series (T-60, T-40 bass, T-15, T-30, etc.), iirc there is a dater page at

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    that's a pretty cool website: too bad they dont have squire though

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    This is a great resource. Thanks for posting it. I have been trying to find out the manufacture date of my Les Paul since the day I got it a few months ago. The guy I bought it from was a middle-man who bought it from the original owner and couldn't give me any background info on it. I tried to use the resources at the Gibson website but none of their info seemed to apply to my guitar. Gibsons serial number system changed many times through the years and mine didn't coincide with any of the examples they gave. I was very confused but applying the different numbering systems and knowing that the guitar had to be a 90s or newer model because of the componants and hardware used,I was able to logically narrow it down to 1995,2000,or 2005. Those were the only dates that made any sense with the numbers contained in my serial because it was obviously not a 1955 or 1959 model.
    Even though my LPs birthday is not essential for me to know to love it and enjoy it, it was still driving me crazy because I didn't know. I was going to post a question about it on the forum but figured I'd do a search first. I was thrilled when I pulled up this thread and got the answer. Mystery solved!
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