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charcoal or gas?
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Thread: charcoal or gas?

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    Default charcoal or gas?

    The resent thread on BK and what not got me craving firin up the grill. I'll probably do so this evening snow or no snow, after all they do it while tailgating why cant I on the front porch?

    Anyways, charcoal or gas? Which do you prefer?

    Me, charcoal....if I get asked to cook on a gril its my first question if they want me on a gas grill I decline. I just feel while it takes longer to prepare the coals the flavor is next to impossible to beat. Add some rubs and some smoking chips and watch out.

    Recently I took my Weber over to my grandparents and made steaks and chops. I used a black pepper rub on the steaks and they where excellent. My grandfather has heath issues cant hardly use his hands at all. Normaly when we all go over his pride prevents him from asking for help. All males on that side are independent and pridefull. After fighting his first steak he asked my dad to cut up the second one and then asked if he could have the left overs. Seeing how much he enjoyed that food, really made me feel proud and I wonder had I prepared it on gas if it would of had the same flavor.

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    I used to compromise... I had a gas grill with a little iron box that sat on the grill for wood chips. More precise temperature control, with smoke flavor.

    I'm a fan of slow smoking myself... grilling low and slow, with a separate wood box for indirect heat / smoke. Good stuff!
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    I prefer The bricks but a good gas grill does make your life very simple and easy to grill at a moments notice in any weather conditions.

    I have a nice gas grill and a smoker going to smoke a turkey and a huge yellow fin tuna for Christmas.

    although I tell you a good Weber Kettle is hard to beat.

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    I definitely prefer charcoal over gas even though it is more time consuming. The best thing I ever found for grilling was a charcoal chimney. No more worrying about moving those coals around and making pyramids or mess like that.

    I will say that while I love charcoal, I cannot stand when it has lighter fluid all over it. I typically light the coals by sitting a very small piece of those firestarter logs underneath the chimney. Once the log piece is lit, you don't have to worry about relighting or dousing the thing in fluid. It doesn't taint the flavor of the food either.

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    Gas is preferred in NZ. Convenience is one thing but we also have a lot of emphasis on contingencies for natural disaster. A barbecue could save your life even if it's only used to boil drinking water. Just make sure you've got enough gas to last you at least 3 days.
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    As far as taste, sure, I prefer charcoal. However, I use the grill frequently and I do not have time to light and wait on a charcoal fire every single time so I purchased a gas grill. I'm not Hank Hill, but I do find propane to be a perfectly acceptable grilling option.

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    Charcoal w/ the chimney to start it, no lighter fluid. I have a smoker/grill where you can use direct or indirect heat to grill or smoke as you choose.
    Works good. That being said, I also have a turkey/fish fryer that uses gas to heat the oil (or water, if I want to boil shellfish), and it was a lifesaver during the ice storm that left us w/o electricity 2 yrs. ago. We could heat water for all the house chores/cooking/dishes, etc. That plus a small generator got us by for a week, since we have a stove in the basement that uses fuel oil for heat.
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