Lemme just blow some dust off of this sub-forum...

I just bought myself a Fender Mustang Micro amph! I've been watching a lot of videos about it. It seemed like it would help me in several ways. In the house I'm living in now, they have three-prong plugs but didn't run a discreet ground to all of them. I'm going to get that taken care of at least in my office this summer. Besides being dangerous with my tube amphs, it also adds a bunch of unwanted noise. Also, my office is now on the main floor, adjacent to the living room and bedrooms. Can't crank it up mindlessly like I could before when I was in the basement.

This seemed like it'd be a good way for me to practice silently and also enable me to record easily. I also like the fact that it is somewhat limited in options so you don't die of paralysis by analysis. For someone who is a computer geek like myself, you'd think I'd like all kinds of options but I really prefer simplicity.

I'll give you my impressions of it as soon as the UPS truck shows up!