I had wanted a Les Paul type, set neck, HH guitar for quite a while. And found this one with upgraded pick ups for $350. Received it yesterday. Quite happy with it!

Tiniest bit of fat sprout on the uphill side of the fretboard from about the 20th fret up. I probably would never get there anyway but will fix those with a little filing at some point.

The rolling mill pick ups are a PAF type and sound very articulate and clear. The neck is clearer than the neck to pick up in my Hagstrom. That is the one nagging little thing and I have had with that Hagstrom and still will maybe replace that neck pick up. But in any case, the feel, attack, and the sound is different from the Hagstrom with the Hegstrom having more of that round, semi hollow, feel and tone. This is a little bit more direct and rock oriented attack. Very fun into my Peavey C30 driving my Marshall cabinet with greenbacks in it, especially with my Catalinbread dirty little secret Marshall in a box pedal turned on. And I like the contours and neck. Nice and comfy. And the guitar is not too heavy.